Things to consider before selecting a payroll software for your business

For most companies, payroll is the most important task and also the biggest expense, therefore it is important that it is processed accurately and effectively.

Finances are one of the most important aspects for the business to flourish for a small business owner or manager. While most financial aspects are strictly internal, all members of a company are involved in the payroll process. To complete a payroll process without any error, companies look out for the payroll software with all features they require.

There are a number of things you should remember when choosing payroll software for your business so that you can find the right solution to your needs. Many of these are common considerations, but there are certain considerations which are unique to your business and the sector in which you operate.

So, here are some important factors and advice to assist you in making the right decisions.

User Experience

This should be the priority number one before buying payroll software. Although rarely overlooked, User Experience is one of the most important elements in buying software. The biggest of all companies are those who offer apps and services with any background that are easy to use. What is needed is a simple yet extremely smart flow which will contribute to the positive user experience. Every software that is not intuitive and user-friendly for your employees will end up being a failed experiment. This is common and usually happens with HR software. Once it's failed, HR doesn't try experimenting with another software. Providing employees with a positive user experience rewards the brand with their long-term trust and business. 

Meets Legal Requirements

It is of extreme importance because it can cost companies enormously to break any government legislation and tax compliance! There are many statutory compliances, including minimum wages, TDS deduction, ESI finds, PF deduction, gratuity, EDLI, etc. Each requires particular attention. By automating tax filings through payroll software,  payrolls complexity can be reduced. This prevents employers from gathering documents from their staff once in a while and also from conforming to the national and government regulations. The solution that organizations need to opt for is a cloud-based payroll software that keeps legal requirements in place. 

Integration with other solutions

Select a payroll solution that automatically integrates with your financing and accounting, as well as time & attendance management solutions to make salary payment an automated and quick process. Calculation of payroll is dependent on time & attendance management system and after completion of the payroll process, it is needed to map the transaction in your accounts. That’s why an automatic integration of payroll software with accounting and attendance management systems is a must. Integration of other systems into the payroll process can help to minimize or eliminate some errors that occur when information juggles between various departments. Integrations can also help improve analytics quality because it permits information from different solutions to be cross-referenced for decision-making. 

Employee Self-Service

A self-service portal allows employees to manage with a few simple clicks their own personal payroll data. This simplifies the data keeping process because it eliminates the need for back-to-back communication between workers and their employers or human resources professionals in the management and review of personal information. Self - service places responsibility on the individual employee for the correctness of the employee's details (for example the bank account numbers).


The payroll self-service provides employees with more convenience in combination with mobile access. Second, some providers offer an app that allows managers to use a mobile device to perform the payroll remotely. This flexibility will probably match your requirements if you are small businesses, and you have to be "on the road". You could find a cloud payroll solution helpful if you have to process your payroll from various locations or want access from mobile devices. In addition to providing access from everywhere, cloud packages may have an option to pay monthly, so that you can spread your software cost and prevent a major initial expense.


Adopt a payroll system that makes payroll processes seemingly mundane and complicated work fast, easy, and accurate. In addition, the HR department must ensure that employees are paid correctly and on time in all organisations. Payroll software that is accessible and guarantees transparency and confidence for all key stakeholders is necessary for every organization. 

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