We treat all reports Apexdroid genuinely and are dedicated and are devoted to exploring all infringement submitted to us.in case you come over substance on Apexdroid that you think to abuse our terms of services if you don’t mind report an infringement. After you submit a report. We will examine it and take the appropriate activity. we’ ill get back to only in case we require additional details or have more information to share. We may near your report without a reaction if we believe that the reported instance does not amount to an abuse.

Type of Abuse policy

We have various kind of abuse into the following categories

Spam, malware and phishing- Users are banned from using Apexdroid services for the transmission of junk mail, spam, chain letters or unsolicited distribution of mail. An Example of phishing you received an email that you win a prize amount so you show your credit card, No to claim the winning prize.

Violence or illegal activity- Transmission or publishing any content that is illegal, unlawful, hateful promotes discrimination or hatred based on ethnicity and violates privacy and other legal rights of others, which are explicitly considered as prohibited activities by Apexdroid.

Sexually Explicit Material- Sexually explicit material is those materials that contain adult and mature content. We don’t authorize that users are published this type of material of our site.

Personal Information- We don’t allow the use of Apexdroid services to published personal and confidential information of persons. personal information like- Name, Email, Phone Number, Address, Banking Details, personal identification details.

Copyright infringement- Copyright infringement means when someone other copyright our work and you discover that there has been copyright infringement by an Apexdroid user we will take the necessary action as specified.

Other Abuses- if you believe that you have abuse to report, that does not fall within any of the categories mentioned above. You may choose this to report such as abuse.