Cloud Based ERP System

A cloud-based ERP system is software which you can use over the internet. ERP is the need of the hour. Every business needs an ERP system to manage its operations smoothly. Cloud-based ERP is cost-effective, easily accessible anywhere, loaded with high-security features etc There are many such advantages of cloud-based ERP software over desktop ERP software. Let’s discuss the benefits of cloud-based ERP for businesses.

Benefits of Cloud Based ERP

Low Cost: Cloud based ERP software is much cheaper than desktop applications. Businesses can now use ERP which is pocket friendly and reasonable. This will result in lowering their operational cost. The cost saved on ERP software could be channelised for some other important activity.

Remote Access: Another advantage of cloud-based ERP is that it gives the user full access from anywhere. That is the user can operate the software from anywhere at any time and on any device be it laptop, mobile or tablet.

High Security of Data: All your data are kept highly confidential with a cloud-based ERP system.

Security from Virus: Cloud-based ERP is more secure. There is no threat of viruses or third party attack on your crucial data.

No Loss of Data: In the case of cloud based applications the data is stored on a server unlike desktop applications where the data is stored on the desktop. Therefore, the chance of loss of data is negligible. 

Easy and Fast ERP Software Updation: Cloud-based ERP software has an easy and faster updation process as compared to desktop based ERP. 

Boost Business Growth:  Cloud based ERP helps to grow your business by providing a system that supports diversification and expansion of your business with no extra cost on ERP software. That is when a business grows it adds on more employees, warehouse, units etc. The organisation needs more license to add the new unit or new user. Cloud based ERP software fulfils all these requirements of a growing unit without any additional cost. 

From the above discussion, it is inferred that Cloud-based ERP is more suitable, efficient and useful for businesses. Apexdroid is one of the best Cloud-based ERP software for small business.