How to get most out of your Inventory Management Process

Inventory is often the largest asset on the balance sheet of your company, and your inventory management can have a significant impact on the bottom line of your organisation. Obviously, organizations are taking a lot of attention to the inventory management process in a challenging market to make some extra profit. 

It is important to have effective inventory management to meet customer demand and avoid discontent. The wrong retail inventory management strategy increases carrying costs and makes it impossible to stay competitive. There are some traders who are still using endless spreadsheets and paperwork for tracking their inventory levels. But with companies growing and order quantities growing, inventory control can start to become very difficult with the use of these methods.

One of the simplest ways of addressing this problem is viable inventory management systems. However, only one part of the equation lies in investment in this technology. They must work together in order to keep your store fully under control with streamlined and effective warehouse processes.

Here we discuss few ways to make most out of your Inventory management processes:

Create clear product labels

In each of your products, the product number, quantity, basic description and vendor's name must be clearly indicated on each label in your inventory. Labelling simplifies the identification of the product. It makes tracking easier because you can always know the exact quantity of the box. You can also use bar codes rather than labels. 

Use Barcode Scanners

However, your staff should immediately record incoming goods, especially when sales volumes are high and if your goods look like one another, this runs the inherent risk of injecting errors due to manual entry into your inventory systems. Barcode Scanners could be helpful to reduce such errors. Use this technology fully to receive and send deliveries smoothly and to make inventory counts. Scanning bypasses manual errors and works much more quickly than type or write individual counts. 

Maintain reasonable inventory levels

Take care of your stock level in order that slow movements or the purchase of your best sellers do not go far enough. Even if inventory management systems are crucial here, they must work in real time to ensure that the movement of goods from the warehouse must be recorded immediately. You must also keep track of your reports to ensure that only your bestsellers are stocked and your worst sellers are removed. 

Carry out regular inventory counts

To help improve your inventory control and reduce discrepancies within the warehouse, perform inventory counts regularly. However, it is not always necessary to perform a complete inventory count of your warehouse. You should rather divide your products into more focused product lists in cycle counts. 

Consider the best automated solution

There are many technologies around you that allow you to keep up with your inventory control using reliable inventory management systems or using automated Inventory management system with barcode scanners. Although several companies pretend to support all kinds of businesses, we know that processes can vary significantly between industries and businesses. For example, e-commerce companies usually have smaller orders and higher rates of returns, and they use a number of carriers. Our advice would therefore always be to make sure, instead of "one size fits all," that you invest in technologies which have been designed and built for your particular industry.

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