How to Select Best ERP Software?

There are numerous ERP available in the market which claims to be the best of its kind but is that actually true. If you buy an ERP without actually knowing the need of your business and without actually going through the ERP features and functionality it is a waste to spend your hard earned money on such expensive software. If you choose an ERP just on the basis of its popularity then you might get yourself trapped in a big problem. Because there are chances that such software does not actually solve your business requirements. Most of the ERP are developed and designed in such a complicated  manner that it is so difficult for a person without an accounting background to operate it. If a common businessman is not able to run the software themselves after a proper training session by the IT team then it is difficult for them to have full control over the crucial financial facts. 

An ERP should be easy to operate so that the entrepreneur could himself run it and have control over the firm’s financial details which needs to be kept confidential. If this is not the case then an entrepreneur not just has to bear the cost of software’s license and accountant fee but also loses control over crucial information. Therefore, it is important for an entrepreneur to look into the following factors before investing in an ERP.

List out your Business Requirements 

Every ERP is different as it serves various purposes. Therefore, it is important for you to first jot down the requirements of your business before buying any ERP. The next step is to list out the best ERP available and then explore the features and functionalities of each ERP. At the end choose the ERP which best solves all your business needs.

Consider the ERP Cost

There are various kinds of costs that a software developer charges you. It is important for you first understand all the charges before you choose an ERP. There are various hidden costs which you might not be aware of at the initial phase and it is revealed by the vendor after they trap you. It is advisable to be clear about all the costs including implementation cost annual, maintenance etc.

Ask for the Demo

It is important to first test the software before you take a buying decision. Do ask for a full demo of the software from the vendor. This will solve all your doubts and queries related to the software.

Negotiate with the Vendor

Vendors usually charge a high amount for the software. There is always a scope for some negotiation. Don’t hesitate to ask for some concession. 

May ask for Customisation

It may be possible that none of the ERP is able to solve all your business requirements. Don’t worry, you may ask for addition or modification in the existing software from the vendor. Discuss your points that are to be added or modified with the vendor without any hesitation.

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