How ERP Systems and Accounting Softwares are different

For a growing company, ERP software and accounting software are two important software. The difference between ERP and accounting software is now blurred by a wide range of accounting software. Before making a purchase, it is important to realize the difference between the two software.

In recent years, business management software has changed vastly. While accounting software has long been regarded as a necessity for businesses, Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software increasingly takes this robe. Actually, many begin to use the terms interchangeably. While in the world, crimes are worse than using the wrong term for a given software package, you can compare accounting and ERP software by understanding the difference. 

Let's look at the range of functions traditionally provided by each to fully illustrate the difference between accounting software and ERP Software.

Accounting Software

Accounting software was traditionally used to manage the accounts of the company or to manage how money is moving. The financial aspect of business transactions like AR / AP, journal entries, and the general ledger that is used in the reporting of fundamental financial accounts such as earnings and balance sheets are discussed through accounting software. The accounting software provides a good overview of the present financial health of an enterprise but does not have the ability to predict tomorrow.  Modules like billing, sales order, purchase order, general ledger, timesheet, expenses and electronic payment are also included in the accounting software.

ERP Software

ERP software is a big picture of accounting software, i.e., accounting is just an ERP software module. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning capable of tracking your tangible and intangible assets, order fulfillment, invoicing, inventory management, production management, job costing, reporting, eCommerce, human capital management, customer relationship management, and more! It basically packages your entire organization into a single suite and equips you with all the information you need to know about your business activities. 

Integrating Accounting into ERP

Many ERP products are currently available with accounting software as an entry-level package. As your company grows, you also require more complex data recording and reporting processes to be automated. You can add activity-specific modules to your accounting software, transform it into an ERP. 

What’s next

Today, ERP is quickly entering the accounting software market. Today, the newest products are ERP, since more companies require better integration of their operations. In addition, today, companies are more global–even a creative boutique agency may have accounts in other countries or suppliers–a situation which an ERP can address better than an accounting software product. However, the term ' accounting software,' which has been used by users for years now, is probably not going to vanish. In short, accounting software and ERP may have the same significance sooner than later when both systems are sold in multi-tier bundles and not as individual products. 

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