Common Myths about ERP Systems

With ERP systems becoming more common in small and large enterprises, ERP software now became a multibillion-dollar industry. Even if it's getting popular, misconceptions remain about ERP systems and its implementation in today’s marketplace. Let’s take a look at some of the myths.

Myth #1: ERP is costly

It seems costly but the investment will only reap benefits in the long run. Technical advancements such as mobile and cloud computing are expected to make ERP software more affordable. Also, some ERP software companies offer pricing packages depending on usage. This has resulted in the availability of much more affordable custom software solutions for your business.

Myth #2: ERP is only for Big Enterprises

Although ERP systems were typically used by larger firms in the past, smaller businesses increasingly can explore Enterprise Resource Planning due to the growing options for customization through technological innovation. The purpose of having an ERP is to be able to automate business processes across all departments, get rid of redundancies, and overall become more efficient. This is beneficial for all organizations, regardless of the size.

Myth #3: ERP solutions are only used to impress customers

If implemented correctly and utilized effectively, ERP solutions certainly have the potential to impress customers. However, that is neither their sole nor their primary purpose. Providing superior results through enhanced operational performance and improved quality of products and services can help companies to boost customer goodwill and strengthen client relationships.

Myth #4: You get immediate results

This may be one of the most common misconceptions about ERP. Although most businesses see the benefits from day one, you have to remember that tailor-made ERP systems are no quick fix. Just like with any other major change, your team will need to overcome the learning curve. Even with intensive training, it will take some time before all employees get used to the technology and the new way of performing their daily activities. So do not be taken aback with the seemingly slow initial progress. You will see the desired results soon enough.

Myth #5: ERP takes too long to implement

The time required for an ERP implementation generally will be dictated by a range of factors, such as the size of the business, the expectations of company leadership, the number of users, the degree of customization, the scope and technical complexity of the change, and the availability of resources. Successful implementation, therefore, could require a commitment ranging from several months to a couple of years.

Myth #6: ERP is all about optimizing internal processes

Most people believe that the main reasons to get ERP for their companies are to improve internal business processes by increasing operational efficiency and control, maintaining a more accurate inventory record, eliminating unnecessary steps in key processes, etc. While all of these are excellent reasons to get ERP, it’s important to remember that, ultimately, the success of your business comes down to customer satisfaction. ERP will help you deliver the right product to the right customer at the right time. In other words, it’s as much about external operations as it is about internal operations.

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