Common Expense Management Issues

The organization should have a very fast, automated, streamlined and understandable expense management process. In expense management, any kind of chaotic behavior can lead to lots of tears in the business process.Here we discuss the common Expense Management Issues.

Ineffective expenses management processes annoy employees and cause lack of visibility on where money flowing exactly in the organization. Slow reimbursement processes and error-prone spreadsheets are major frustrations when it comes to expense management.

Today, the root cause of an increase in company expenses is globalization, business mobility, and international evolution. One of the biggest challenges for companies is successful management of expenses. The main objective must be to reduce manual processes, save money and reduce the time employees spend on expense management process. 

Here are some common expense management issues:

Improper Budget Management

No manager can simply approve any request that comes to his table when it comes to approving expenses. They must check the monthly and annual budget, verify the report on operating expenditure and take a bundle of spreadsheets to ensure if it is correct. If the wrong items are approved and the more necessary items are left without any money to make purchases, then havoc could arise.  A manager can not approve expenses just because a budget contains enough money. So many aspects need to be considered before big purchases, like long-term money management, unforeseen future expenditures and running costs. Only the most important can be approved without delay, but all else must be considered on a priority list. Incorrect budget management could invariably have an adverse effect on the financial situation of an organization. 

Inappropriate Approved Expenses Distribution

Until purchases are made, an approved proposal and budget should be implemented correctly. If items are approved, it should be bought without exceeding the budget. They must also be delivered in good time to those who need it. If they do not get the necessary tools, such as software, hardware and other support that must be given properly, a delay could cause a lack of production and excessive use of available resources and workers to lose patience. A slow reimbursement process will affect productivity as well. 

Delayed Approvals

The overload of approval requests can be very difficult to handle, depending on the size of the financial team and the type of service provided by the organization. It becomes extremely tedious for everybody, especially the financial team and the manager responsible for approving it if they are required to check Excel sheets and the other documents manually every time. The more the workload, the greater the likelihood of error. You may not be able to endorse all the above or to reject any requests to be carried out on time since, in addition to a good understanding, every document requires personalized attention. 

Uncertain Expense Policies

Any difficulties in understanding expense policies may in the long term cost the business more money. Employees should be able to quickly draw up the relevant policy and information so that they are not suspected of padding their reports. In many cases, the information needed to make an informed decision was simply lacking. An employee who finds it difficult to understand whether something is in the approved spending category will inappropriately charge for unauthorized purchases. The clear and well-known policies will empower employees with education and will probably not shop outside the company guidelines. 


Increased competition and budget limitations have made efficient expense management more important than ever for small companies. Through simple, common expense management strategies and clear policies and procedures, your company can gain insight into how your budget is being spent and identify areas to make savings.

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