Benefits of ERP for Small Business

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is software that helps an organization to manage its key business functions such as bookkeeping, inventory management, payroll management etc easily and quickly. It plays an important role in the proper management and smooth function of an organization. It is basically a database management solution for businesses. Business, be it small, medium or large needs a system that could automate and manage some of its daily activities like order placing, quotation generation, bill generation etc which result in a reduction of workload of the employees, reduces human error etc. ERP provides functionalities such as inventory management, bookkeeping, Invoice management, bill management, generates financial statements, reporting, GST filing etc.  Apexdroid is one of the best ERP software for small business.

A Few of the benefits of the ERP for small business is discussed below:

Increased Productivity

ERP software increases business efficiency and productivity by automating business operations.

Quick Decision Making 

ERP provides you with quick analysis and reports which helps to take operational and managerial decisions quickly and promptly.

Improved Foresightedness

ERP generates numerous reports that help to forecast future events like a sales forecast, inventory requirement in future, future profit etc easily and accurately.

Reduces Human Error

ERP helps to reduce human error by automating the operations which reduce human intervention and therefore chances of committing an error is heavily reduced. 

Free Flow of Information

ERP enables you to share information among different departments. Therefore, it ensures free flow of information among departments which helps in quick decision making. 

Reduced Cost of Operation

With increased productivity, sales and profit, an ERP solution helps to reduce the operational cost of an organization. Apexdroid is an affordable ERP for small businesses.

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