8 Inventory Management Mistakes you need to avoid

Inventory is arguably the most important part of your business. Mistakes made in Inventory management can result in the loss in business, disappointed customers, and can impact your bottom line.

Inventory falls under the significant sources of revenue for a company, when products are bought and sold, they generate the revenue you need to keep your company afloat.  Inventory generates profit if management of product in stock and inventory to be ordered done efficiently. And if inventory management not done properly it can have a scarce effect on your business and will affect more than just the bottom line of your organization.

Here are the few inventory mistakes you need to avoid:

Inaccurate Demand forecasting

Businesses track inventory so that they are able to fulfil customer orders at all time it is needed to have accurate demand forecasting. Demand forecasts are critical for producing the right number of items and if the calculations are off, you’re in trouble. If you’re carrying extra stock or don’t have enough to meet demand, you’re losing money. 

Lack of Performance Metrics

For knowing how really well your business is performing, aside from financial reports, you need other performance metrics to measure your inventory management efficiency. For measuring the health of your inventory, you should use metrics like order fill rate to judge just how well you are managing your orders and thus stock levels. It’s important to monitor order fill-rate daily as it’s also called the demand satisfaction rate because customer satisfaction is linked to how many orders that can be filled by stock on hand and you want more of satisfied and happy customers.

Inefficient Workflow

In current times, most businesses have workflow problems due to their complacency to the way of doing things. This happens as the person in the position to make changes don’t even know there’s some issue in the workflow. So it goes unnoticed whole the time. But due to inefficient workflow, most time is spent on unnecessary tasks which costs a business a great deal. In Inventory management, repetitive human data entry and motions to move a sales order through your operations workflow wastes a useful amount of time.

Improper Training

After hiring employees, if they’re struggling with inventory management due to lack of proper training, effects the company’s ability to get the product to customers. It is needed to make sure all employees are trained to fulfil goals efficiently in time. As a matter of fact, a well-trained set of employees can save you a lot of time and money.

Poor Communication

Communication is a necessary part of a workplace for better teamwork. Solid communication systems and relationships must be in place for a business to thrive. Lack of communication in inventory management could result in failure to meet demands which in turn could cost you in excess inventory and more warehousing costs.

How to avoid these mistakes

You can avoid all these mistakes by using automated inventory management software, which comes with features like inventory tracking to give accurate forecasting, analytical data tools to give you updated inventory usage rate, automated inventory keeping for efficient workflows, and tasks and notes for better communication among employees in the organisation and so many other features. So by automating your inventory management, you can generate a lot of profit in your business.

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